CMS Benefit: Greater Transparency = Less Web Headaches

Is your website needing a tiny update that seems small but cannot be done by yourself? Are you waiting on a web designer who is slow and charging you an inflated price to change a small amount of code?

I run into customers all the time that have complaints about web designers leaving them in the dark. Luckily, CMS can ease that headache (or dare I say webache?!!).

We design CMS websites with an emphasis on features (SEO, E Commerce, Social Networking, Forums and more) that your business demands for the web. CMS stands for “Content Management Systems”. With a CMS framework, you have the freedom to update a large amount of your website from changing a link to adding an image. You will understand how to manage your site from a detailed CMS tutorial and an in-depth conversation about the CMS tutorial, that comes included in a sale.

By using CMS, you save your business money on normal web design update fees if you choose so. You can also still pay us a fee to manage your site for you with quick updates.

To learn more about CMS and it’s advantages, give us a call. Stop being left in the dark by your web designer and understand your site today!

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